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We are lucky to have worked with some amazing people over the years and thank them for their ongoing support as ambassadors of our value-driven approach.
Whilst we have doen our best to choose the right words and design professional content on this website, it is the opinion of our customers, which really counts when measuring our performance. In line with our Build-Measure-Learn approach, we invest a great deal of time in gathering and analysing feedback, whilst also integrating advice from previous customers in our workshops.
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Team Building Workshop with Participants from 6 Countries who only meet every 24 months:

  • Size: 40k Employees

  • Market: Diverse Company

Project Management Training at a FMCG Manufacturer:

Strategy Workshop
– Building Industry:

Project Management Training at a FMCG Manufacturer:

Global Management Workshop: „The Best of All Worlds“ Automotive R&D Service Provider

MD of a listed cutting-edge technology group, whom I have supported on various projects during a period of acquisitions

How would you describe Nick Stanforth’s approach to consultancy?
Mr Stanforth‘s approach is holistic and takes all parts of the company into account whilst aligning them to the company strategy. The requirements, strengths, weaknesses and interfaces of each department are recorded and assessed. Based on these “Single-Analysis”, he creates a complete picture showing the complete structure of the company as is, then moves on to assess the gaps to the desired target strategy and the achievability of each goal. The next step is to define specific improvement activities. This is not a top-down approach, as this risks defining unachievable targets and tasks.

Has the interaction with Nick Stanforth lead to positive progress in your area?
The results of his work are not based on theoretical praxis. They are formed through interaction with individual employees to create improvement plans based on a thorough understanding of the status quo. In other words, “an approach from within the company” such that the activities can be implemented step-by-step. Therefore his work delivers an improvement catalogue which is accepted and can be carried out.

Coaching R&D Director
Large Listen Medical Company, approx. 30k Employees

How would you describe Nick‘s coaching methodology?
Nick works with the Coachee to find constructive solutions taking their view as a starting point and is inclusive of context and surroundings.

Have your coaching sessions lead to a positive change in your daily work and how?
People are creatures of habit and prefer „more of the same“. Nick‘s special talent lies in helping the Coachee to find new perceptions and behaiviors from within, which lead to quicker solutions in their daily business.

Coaching Site Director & Lean Ambassador
German FMCG Company with approx 2k Employees

How would you describe Nick‘s coaching methodology?
Nick is talented in immediately and precisely identifying the “inter-personal pros & cons” and then defining management approaches which work.

Have your coaching sessions lead to a positive change in your daily work and how?
I still profit from his tips and tricks daily with colleagues and customers. The individuality of people is a challenge, which seems complex when mixed with our target fulfilment pursuits. Nick understands how to present individual approaches to solutions and reacts to changes in my surroundings. His dynamic is astounding.